Moto - 45 locations throughout the country. Parking tariffs: click here for cars and caravans; click here for HGV's

CP Plus manages Moto's network of car, caravan and HGV car parks and has done so since 1998. Details of the sites can be found via the links below and a link to the parking tariffs has been provided above.

Click here for Moto Locations Map


·         Birch Eastbound M62

·         Birch Westbound M62

·         Blyth A1

·         Burton-In-Kendal M6

·         Doncaster North M18

·         Ferrybridge M62

·         Lancaster Northbound M6

·         Lancaster Southbound M6

·         Scotch Corner A1

·         Southwaite Northbound M6

·         Southwaite Southbound M6

·         Washington Northbound A1

·         Washington Southbound A1

·         Wetherby A1

·         Woolley Edge Northbound M1


·         Donington Park M1

·         Frankley Northbound M5

·         Frankley Southbound M5

·         Grantham North A1

·         Hilton Park Northbound M6

·         Hilton Park Southbound M6

·         Knutsford Northbound M6

·         Knutsford Southbound M6

·         Stafford Northbound M6

·         Tamworth M42

·         Trowell Northbound M1

South East

·         Cherwell Valley M40

·         Chieveley M4

·         Heston Eastbound M4

·         Heston Westbound M4

·         Medway Eastbound M2

·         Pease Pottage M23

·         Reading Eastbound M4

·         Reading Westbound M4

·         Thurrock M25

·         Toddington Northbound M1

·         Toddington Southbound M1

·         Winchester Northbound M3

South West

·         Bridgwater M5

·         Cardiff West M4

·         Exeter M5

·         Leigh Delamere Eastbound M4

·         Leigh Delamere Westbound M4

·         Saltash A38

·         Severn View M48


·         Kinross M90

Other sites operated by Moto

·         Barton Park A1

·         Dover Port A20

·         Leeming Bar A1

·         Lymm M6

·         Tiverton M5

·         Todhills Northbound M6

·         Todhills Southbound M6

·         Warminster A36 Bypass